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Being situated in the center of Wellington's business district, a lot of our services are aimed at corporate customers. We work with some of Wellington's biggest companies and Government Departments providing newspapers, magazines, milk and coffee. Friendly service, catering to any and all of our customers needs and building strong, positive business relationships is something we take great pride and care in at Magnetix.


What We Do

  • Provide Newspapers & Magazines: Magnetix is a great central hub for providing all of your publication needs. Staying in the know is very important to all types of businesses, and being able to provide a vast range of magazines and newspapers, in any quantity, is what makes Magnetix Magazines corporate service unique.
  • Pay via Monthly Credit  Accounts: All of our corporate customers take advantage of our credit account system. This means one simple invoice to pay at the end of the month, removing any hassle involved with paying for your goods daily, increasing productivity.
  • City Wide Delivery: Too far away to collect your goods? We can organize city wide delivery for you. For a small fee, you can receive your goods at your front door right when you need them
  • Staff Coffee Shouts: Reward your staff with a delicious coffee at the end of the week. Credit accounts are available for use on both magazines and coffee. This means your next staff shout will be easier for you, gaining all the pros from credit accounts and delivery to your office. Remember, every 6th coffee is free!

Credit Request

To set up a new business account download, complete and return our credit request form 

Who We Work With