Our Coffee

Magnetix has a bustling coffee bar located at the front of the shop. Our talented baristas pump out over 500 delicious coffees a day. We pride ourselves in the 'Magnetix Experience' at the coffee bar too. Remembering your name, your brew, and what you had for dinner last Tuesday is something we've gotten pretty good at.

We hold high morals at Magnetix, which is the reason we chose Burtons Coffee to fuel our busy cafe. Burtons Pure Espresso may not be New Zealand's largest locally owned coffee roaster, but after a run through of how Burtons works, we were sold.

Burton's has a direct partnership with coffee farmers in El Salvador and Brazil. They acquire beans at up to 50% above the lowest acceptable Fair Trade price and away from risky commodity market fluctuations. Burtons also strives towards creating sustainable farming methods. These factors combined with helping these farm estates provide literacy programs, housing and healthcare for people in impoverished environments work toward a brighter, happier and healthier future.

Along with the aspirations of these ethical partnerships, quality and consistency is key. The same goes for the meticulous quality control and roasting at Burtons.  Bottom line, it’s delicious! This is why we chose Burtons Pure Espresso..



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